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All you need to know about Pancit HQ

Now that you know what Pancit is all about, let’s take a look at Pancit HQ - our cosy office / showroom! Read here if you don’t know what ‘Pancit’ means or where we derived the name for our store from!

Pancit Sports Singapore Store


Initially, Pancit started off in our bedrooms but realised that the inventory we were holding were slowly enveloping our entire room (plus our parents / siblings complaining all the time) so we decided to go out and search for an office space!

Sports Store Singapore | Ultimate Sports Singapore

Ideally, we wanted our office to be like this cool little hut, but... rental every month will really make us pancit la. We took a step back and had to put our heads together to decide on the purpose of our new office space. On top of the list would have to be as a storage and fulfilment space where we can fulfil all the online orders that we can get from the various platforms. 

Pancit Sports Store Singapore

 One of our (tidiest) shelves that is used to stock our inventory

Second, we wanted to have a little showroom where customers can come down to view products that they are interested in or to even pick up their orders. Of course, we were on a very tight budget, so we had to DIY most fixtures ourselves!

Sports Online Store SingaporePancit elves at work, putting up our display racks

Sports Store SingaporeCheck out our display wall in the background!

Third and maybe the most important, was to have an experiential place where customers, friends and fellow instructors can come to gather and try out new skills such as disc golf, table-tennis or even try their hand at printing their own shirts or re-gripping their own golf clubs.

Sports All day Singapore

 Legend has it that no one has ever beaten our ever-so-cocky co-founder, Syafiq in table tennis.

To see our entire setup, check out our socials or come visit us - we're open by appointment! 

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