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What on earth is PANCIT?

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What is Pancit?

There are several meanings to Pancit but they differ in pronunciation. The first meaning to 'Pancit' would be a type of Filipino cuisine. The second meaning  would refer to a punctured tyre, a flat tyre or a leaking tyre in Malay. Punctured, Pancit, Punctured, Pancit. Get it? On that note, it is a legitimate word that is found in the Malay dictionary.

However just like many English words adapted to form Singlish, Pancit carries a local street meaning too. It means tired.

How do you use Pancit?

Sure, you can use Pancit to refer to your flat tyres but we are a sports store so we are going to teach you a better way to use this word. So let us show you how you can add this word to your collection of Singlish vocabulary.

Simply, replace tired with Pancit. Let me throw in a scenario - you just finish 5 out of your 10 sets of hill runs and you are about to go over to tell your friends that you’re tired, switch it up and say, wah Pancit bro. 

Okay one more scenario, you’re halfway through a golf game, that usually last four and the half hours, and you are on the 11th hole. You go over to your flight mates to tell them you’re tired and hungry. Try this instead, wah, Pancit already. Hungry some more.


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So, do you have some understanding on how to use it now?  

Why did we choose PANCIT as our company’s name?

There’s a perfectly good explanation for this so here it is, we started with who we are going to target for our business. Professional athletes? Nope. Nike can handle that. Yogis? Nope. Lululemon can handle that. How about the rest of us who are sports enthusiast or just like the thrill of playing a game once a week but hold an office hour job? Yes we are making progress! But what do we call them. Weekend warriors! Target audience checked.

So back to the company’s name. Here’s our thought process - What do weekend warriors have in common? We get tired too easily because we are clearly aren’t as fit as professional athletes but we still love to play the game. So how about Nope, that is not cool enough. How about That is definitely not going to get approved. Sounds like an explicit site. Imagine a kid telling their parents they want to buy stuff off Sounds dodgy. So how ow about Oh damn, that sounds like a good name. A little Singaporean, a little Malay and sounds pretty cool. Diversity they said. Let’s sleep on that. We wake up next day and boom -

It may not be the best way to starting out a company but apple started in a garage. So, why not? At least now we have the chance to educate you guys on more Singlish words you can use just like how our primary school teachers say “expand your vocabulary!” 

Thank us later. 

Ps, it is spelt as “pancit” not “pun che”. Just like how its “Kena” not “Kanna”. Also, our instagram handle is @we.pancit. Which means, we tired. Get it? Let me just show you Syafiq's face and posture when he is pancit.

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