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About us

What is this Pancit all about?
pancit /panˈcit/
in our definition: exhausted to the max after a good workout

 Pancit Sports Singapore

We all used to be able to sprint like Bolt, bend it like Beckham and swim like Phelps (or so we thought). But nowadays, we get 'pancit' after a five second sprint to the lift.

We are the ones who lace up every weekend, trying to roll back the glory days. But more often than not, we end up rolling around. We are the weekend warriors, and we are proud of it.

These days, we just prefer to sit behind the computer and be keyboard warriors, commenting mindlessly as Singaporeans groan about the lack of a local sporting culture, notwithstanding the fact that they created that 'culture'.

We promise to to cover the truly important (and interesting) things in sport as we try to create that elusive sporting culture Singapore needs.

Come join the Pancit Gang!

Your favourite weekend warriors