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Sweaty Bands Singapore - Pancit Sports

1" Sushi Me Rollin' - Light Blue

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The clock's ticking and you have just received a pass from your team-mate. Just as you are about to shoot, your hairband slipped and now your hair is covering your eyes! You took your shot practically blind-folded... and missed your shot. Everyone's angry at you for letting them down and with that, your team has just placed second in the Netball Super League, sixth time in a row!

All these could have been easily prevented with the... anti-slip Sweaty Bands! Now, you can look good while keeping your hair in check!

Details & Care

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Rubber Elastic
  • Hand wash, drip dry
  • One size fits most ages 7 & up; approximately 20" in circumference
  • Width: 1"