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Skylark Disctroyer Discgolf | Pancit Sports Discgolf Singapore
Disctroyer Disc Singapore | Pancit Sports

Skylark mid-range by Disctroyer

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Thinking of purchasing your very own set of discgolf discs but am just confused with all the different types of plastics, ratings and models? Say no more, Disctroyer Discs is here to help you!

Disctroyer uses clear symbols and colour schemes to depict the characteristics of the disc so that you can easily identify which disc you will be needing for that long throw on the fairway! It provides an easy understanding of the disc features without in-depth knowledge, making it perfect for beginners. 

The Skylark is an overstable mid-range disc that would allow you to make safe throws that you have to scatter to the left.


Rating: 8 | 5 | 0 | 1
Diameter: 21.3 cm
Weight: 174-181g

Disctroyer Discgolf Disc | Pancit Sports


Colour code

White: Distance Driver (Lightweight and thin discs for long shots)
Yellow: Fairway Driver (Medium stability for long distance)
Red: Mid-range (Balance disc designed to approach the basket)
Blue: Putt & Approach (Stable disc designed for the final shots in the disc basket)