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Mini Micro Deluxe Magic Pink | Micro Scooter Singapore
Mini Micro Deluxe Magic Pink | Micro Scooter Singapore

Mini Micro Deluxe Magic Pink LED

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Is your little one at that stage where he or she is picking up gross motor skills really fast but you are still afraid of getting him or her on a bicycle or a skateboard for a multitude of reasons? We’ve got you covered, as usual, with these Micro scooters!

Unlike skateboards or bicycles, these scooters are so intuitive to use that you will have your little one zooming off faster than you can say ‘Micro scooters rock’. This Mini Micro Deluxe has a patented steering system that uses the lean-to-steer concept to promote balancing and motor skills in your little one while the non-slip silicone footplate ensures support and safety on the scooter. What's more - this scooter has a one-click folding system that makes carrying and storing a breeze because... we all know who's going to carry the scooters when they are tired!

The Mini Micro deluxe magic pink scooter has an integrated touch sensor making the LED lights on the handlebar shine so now it's not only more fun but increases the fun factor multi-fold!

Swiss-engineered and designed, you can expect quality scooters that are well-renowned for their durability and functionality. Each scooter undergoes a gauntlet of test to ensure that it can withstand the pressure a child can throw at it.

Age Range: 2-5 years old
Max Load: 35kg
Rider height: 80 - 110cm
Steering height is adjustable.
Scooter weight: 2.1kg
Requires AA batteries.