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Klitch shoe deodoriser - Pancit Sports
Klitch shoe deodoriser - Pancit Sports
Klitch footwear shoes clip shoebag - The Sports Shack

Footwear Deodoriser

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Got your klitch and think it’s time to up your klitch game?

Level up by using these deodorisers with your klitch and you never have to worry about your shoes stinking up the MRT or bus!

Attach these deodorisers to your klitch and you get fresh-smelling kicks for your next game! With a patent-pending proprietary odour eliminator formula, these deodorisers can last up to 6 months. Hook these bad boys onto your klitch now and say no to smelly shoes!



1. Remove green rubber band 
2. Rubber band remains in hook 
3. Loop it onto your klitch 
4. Klitch your footwear with deoderiser inside shoes