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Kids Inline Skates | Rollerblade Singapore
Kids Inline Skates | Rollerblade Singapore
Kids Inline Skates | Rollerblade Singapore
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Inline skates Rollerblade Singapore | Micro Skate Pancit Sports
Kids Inline Skates | Rollerblade Singapore

Micro Discovery Kids Skates

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We know we know, there are just times you want to get your kids to spend time outdoors instead of just staring at their screens or making Tik-Tok videos! Don't worry, we have you covered (as usual) - these skates by Micro Skate will get them hooked on spending so much time outdoors that you have to wheel them back in! 

This Discovery model is one of the best beginner pair of skates in the market for kids who want to upgrade from soft boot skates and to start learning more skills. Its highly resistant shell offers great support for the ankle yet not compromising on manoeuvrability and weight!

What's more, the well-padded liner is removable so you can easily wash it by hand or the machine, no more smelly skates! And have we already mentioned that its fast buckle system makes it so easy for your kids to put on their own skates?

Polypropylene shell
Safety lock buckle and Velcro ankle strap
CNC Aluminium Frame 
ABEC7 Bearings
Round profile 85A Polyurethane Wheels: 
Size 29-32 - 64mm/ 62mm
Size 33-36 - 70mm/ 68mm
Size 37-40 - 72mm/ 70mm