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Weekly Thoughts : LIV Golf Series. Yay or Nay?

Definitely a Yay! for us.

Putting aside political issues aside, here’s what we think! 

1. It’s frigging amazing 
If you don’t even know what we are talking about, search up LIV golf on YouTube and watch the Adelaide highlights. Ma friend, watching the highlights gave will give you chills. It’s just so amazing. The crowd and the atmosphere looks damn amazing! There were music playing in the background and it just made us feel like we’ve missed something so fun even though people say golf is boring.

2. They bring top PGA Tour (ex) players closer to us
No I’m not talking about like retired ex players like Paul Scholes playing football in Singapore, that kind of level. These LIV players are still in their prime and can still play as well as the current PGA tour counterpart. The reason why the can't play on the PGA Tour is because they got banned from playing in it after choosing to join the LIV Golf Series.

Look at it this way, was there ever an event with so many good PGA Tour players in Singapore or in this part of the world? Not really. Yes, there were a few PGA players like Adam Scott that came to play in Singapore Open over the years but what went down last week at Sentosa Golf Club was more than just one or two PGA players.

There are several reasons why PGA tour players wouldn’t come to play in the side of the world. There's an issue of the hectic PGA Tour schedule, hosts cannot afford the player’s appearance fees and also because the Singapore Open were usually Asian Tour sanctioned events so why would they play in it.
So if you were at Sentosa Golf Club last week, you could have watched Brooks Koepka, Bryson Dechambeau, Cameron Smith and Dustin Johnson in action!

3. It’s new and refreshing
LIV Golf series is an added freshness to the sport, at least for this region. Golf has always been about the rich, old and retired. It has never tried to do something different. LIV Golf is really trying to shake things up. Music, chill vibes, fun filled activities and a 54 hole shortgun format are some of the things they are doing. Hopefully to attract the younger and newer crowd. With any industry facing a shake-up, there’s always going to be tension just like ride e-hailing services (uber and Grab) versus traditional taxis. However, the people and everything around it will benefit eventually. Just look at the difference between the DP World Tour Singapore Classic and LIV Golf Singapore which were both held in Sentosa golf club. It feels like there’s a little more spark in LIV Golf Singapore. 

Yes, there are political reasons involved on why some players and fans do not agree with LIV Golf. That’s something they’ll have to sort out. However for the players that said that players joining LIV Golf are only doing for the money. Come on, you get paid appearance fees to play in invitational games around the world too.

All in all, we like what LIV golf is doing to the golfing scene. Golf has been around for so long and it hasn’t evolved much, in terms of tournaments and events are run (besides running more tournaments and pumping more money into it).
Hopefully LIV Golf will be back next year!

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