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How expensive is it to start playing golf?

"Aiyah, golf very expensive to play. Only for rich uncles and tai-tais!"

How many times have we all heard that line whenever you tell someone that you want to pick up golf! It’s time for us to thrash those over-generalisation statements out and find out the true cost breakdown of picking up golf!

Golf is a seemingly addictive sport and once you get into it, you will never get out so we have to make sure our wallets know what they are in for! In this simple breakdown, we’ve split the costs into one-off costs and monthly fees.

One-off costs

As you are just picking up golf, you will have to incur one-off costs, which is primarily for equipment purchases and coaching packages. Costs vary greatly depending on the brand and designs of the products so we have tried to list (as much as we can) the average price of the products.

Total expected one-off damage to your wallet (equipment + learn-to-play packages): $600 - $770

Pancit Sports Golf equipmentYou know what they say... winning is temporary, style is forever! 

(1) Equipment  

Technically, to start hitting some balls at the range, you only need polo t-shirts, pants/shorts, sports shoes, gloves and a set of golf clubs. High chances are you already have the first three so all you need now is a pair of gloves and set of golf clubs!

A beginner set of Irons: $250
Gloves: $20

Golf clubs Singapore
Irons are the ones with the weird shaped heads while woods are the ones with the more rounded heads

Some driving ranges actually rent out golf clubs too, so that's a cost-friendly alternative if you are reluctant to invest in a set of clubs yet. And, if you think you are getting good at golf (hint: no one ever gets good at golf, you only have good days and bad days) and would like to start playing on the course, you will need a pair of golf shoes. This will set you back another $80 - $100. Check out decathlon or here for good and affordable ones!  

Total damage done by equipment purchase: $20 - $370

(2) 'Learn to play golf' packages

And of course, when you are at the range, high chances are you can’t hit it straight or far (or both at the same time). We’ve sourced out some introductory golf packages that are meant to introduce you to the wonderfully addictive sport of golf! 

These packages usually include introductory lessons on the use of the clubs, swinging lessons, educating you on the rules of golf, the Proficiency test and one round at the golf course. Prices are very steep (~600-700) for individual lessons, but as you get more friends to join together, the costs goes down significantly.

Learn to play golf packages | Pancit SportsThere are packages for your little ones too!  

No friends, no problem! Some of the packages will slot you in into their current group of students. Check these out, $620 each (for 2 pax), $450 each (for 2 pax) , ($350) - 4 pax.

Time to time, there may be promotions, where the cost for a package can go down to as low as $200 per person! At the point of writing, we managed to find this!  

Damage done by signing up for a package: ~$400

Monthly fees

For the monthly fees, we are working on the assumption that you still have school or work and will only be at the driving range once a week and playing the golf course once a week.

Estimated monthly damage: ~$171

(3) Driving range fees

To perfect that stroke, you need to practise practise practise, so practise it is! Just pop $16 and you get 160 balls to practise your swings at the range. P.S. Grip your club properly before swinging or you’d be swinging your club instead of the ball. 100 balls at the range will cost you back on average about $8-9.

Golf ball dispenser | Pancit Sports SingaporeNope that's not a time machine, that's the ball dispenser at the golf range!

Damage done at the driving range: $16 (160 balls) x 4 weeks = $64 (Warren country club)

(4) Green fees

Alright, so now you’ve been hitting 150meters consistently at the range and would like to try your hand at the course. To start off, we would recommend going for 9-hole courses or what they call it, executive courses, before ripping up the usual 18-hole courses. 9-hole courses are much easier to play and are excellent for beginners!

Executive golf course Singapore | Pancit SportsMandai Executive Golf Course

Damage done on the course: $26.75 (weekday) x 4 weeks = $107 / month (Mandai Executive Course)

With that, the total monthly damage to your wallet would be a mere $171 ($64 + $107) while the one-off costs would set you back $600 - $770. Most gym memberships charge more than $171 / month so picking up golf is not as unachievable (financially) as what we thought! 

A warning though, costs do go up exponentially once you start playing more regularly on the golf courses or if you would like a change in equipment! Now, pick up that club!

Golf money pants

So... is golf really that expensive to pick up?

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