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Cool trendy golf brands to look out for

Outlandish, old-fashioned, passé - the words that come to mind when you think of the sport of golf and some of its brands. Well, toss that stereotype aside as today’s emerging golf brands are the exact opposite of what you had in mind!

Here are some trendy independent golf brands that you should be looking out for!


Malbon Golf is a lifestyle brand inspired by the game of golf. They have the cutest range of playful apparel that was designed to evoke that happy joyful feeling in you whenever you don their apparel! 

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Birds of Condor
is another apparel brand that we have our eyes glued to! Started in Australia, Birds of Condor aims to liven up the golf apparel industry by using flamboyant designs and colours as well as infusing popular culture into their apparel lines. Hats, polo shirts, t-shirts - you name it, they've got it! 

Golf brands Pancit Sports Singapore

You can't make a list of golf apparel brands to follow without including Foray Golf! An innovative golf apparel brand for the women, Foray Golf has amassed quite a following over the years with its eye-popping beautiful designs, great fit and its versatility. 

FOray Golf Singapore | Pancit Sports

Golf Accessories

Asher golf started out by focusing only on designing high quality golf gloves with a little bit of flair added into the mix. The brand has now expanded to offer other accessories such as t-shirts, hats and slippers!

Asher golf Singapore | Pancit Sports

We are pretty sure that all you golfers will have that boring dark-coloured PVC head cover that wouldn't be missed even if you lost it. Dormie Workshop is on a mission to change that with their line of premium leather golf accessories that are not only well designed aesthetically but are also very functional.

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Leus is another brand to take note of in this accessories space! Self-confessed towel geeks, Leus have methodically developed the best towels by combining quality materials with great design.

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Golf Bags

Golf bags have never ever been prettier until now. One look at Omnix Golf's line of colourful, fluorescent golf bag and you just know you have to get it. Go on, go gawk!

Pancit Sports Golf Omnix Golf Singapore | Pancit Sports

If you are looking for accessories such as golf trolleys or bags, Big Max might just be your answer. They have a very wide range of quality and innovative products and will probably have that particular bag or trolley that you are looking for! 

Big max Singapore golf

Golf news / trend updates

Random Golf Club is not exactly a product consumer brand but with a grand mission of bringing people together through golf, you know we can't just leave them out. Catch up on the latest golfing news, backstories and plenty of other content that you never knew you want to know! Trust us, we've spent countless hours on their website, just reading some of their interesting content!

Trendy golf apparel Singapore | Pancit Sports

Hype Golf. This one probably needs no introduction - news, reviews and upcoming product releases, all in digestible content form on Instagram.  

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 Do you have any brands that you think should be on this list? Let us know!

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