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Boring old golf

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions ‘golf’?

Old man. Boring. Lame. Expensive. Rich People. Boring (wait, have I said that already?).

Well, these are probably some of the words you would associate to golf unless you’re an avid golfer who squeezes time out religiously every week to have a swing at the course/ range. Here are four cool facts about golf that would hopefully spur you to pick up the clubs and start swinging!

Golf burns calories (LOTS of it)

If you choose to walk the entire 18-hole course, you will be walking roughly six kilometres and will be burning roughly 2000 calories. Of course, golfers who take the buggies burn lesser (about 1300). To put that into perspective, an average person burns about 1620 calories per day while a 90-min soccer game will help you shed off about 1000 calories.

Tiger Woods

If burning that much calories doesn't motivate you, how about money? Tiger Woods has won over USD$100 million in prize money (now, you are listening).

Tiger Woods Golf | Pancit Sports Singapore

But, Tiger is Tiger. For us mere mortals who need something lower to aim for, how does this sound? In 2015, 259 professional golfers on the PGA Tour earned money, ranging from $5820 to $12 030 465 for the whole year.

For some local context, top Singaporean golfer Mardan Mamat earned S$247,647 in 2012 and his net worth as of 2018 was an estimated S$1.2 Million. But trust us, he worked super hard to be able to compete at that level and earned every single cent!  

Trick- shot golfers

Now, for the best-kept secret of golf - golf isn't all about swinging swinging swinging. There are trick-shot masters who do crazy or near impossible tricks with the club and the golf ball. Hitting a stationary ball straight down the fairway is already so difficult, these golfers are stepping it up another level! Some of our favourites are Tania Tare, Golf Trick Shot Boys and Joshua Kelly. Check this out:

Molf = Moon + Golf

Golf is one of the only two sports that has ever been played on the Moon before. The other being the javelin throw (like whattt?). Apollo 14 member Alan Shepard actually hit a ball with a six iron one-handed on 6 February 1971. Don't even ask us why! Check out this video on Youtube.

Golf on the Moon | Pancit Sports


Golf is definitely a peculiar and unique sport as you are actually competing against yourself first, then your opponents. We dare you to try swinging at the golf range and not get hooked! 

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