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Basics to throwing a frisbee.

Just in case you missed out, our showroom has an entire section displaying ultimate frisbee discs and disc golf disc - we carry Discraft, X-com, Innova and Daredevil discs. Since the opening of our showroom, many of you have dropped by to purchase discs - at times, we have parents buying to play with their kids and other times, adults who want to give disc golf a shot. Some even asked us for tips to start learning to throw! So, here's our shot at helping our new kakis in learning how to throw a disc.

We scoured the internet for ultimate frisbee tips and got thrown into the huge amazing world of Reddit and Quora. Relevant sources mentioned that the easiest technique to learn would be the backhand throw. So, for now, we are going to provide a step by step guide on how to perform a backhand throw. Special thanks to yours truly, Syafiq for being the model for this guide. 

Before we get into the details, just remember that the backhand and forehand throw requires different gripping technique so whatever you see here are pretty exclusive to the backhand throw. Jom, let's go!

Step 1 : How to grip the disc

Many may argue that there is only one way to grip the disc but what Syafiq has to say to that is "1+1=2. 5-3 is also 2. They both yield the same result, just different ways to get there. *insert winking emoji* 

So here's the first option. The index finger is out while the other 3 fingers is tucked beneath the disc -

The second option would be having the the index finger tucked in together with the other four fingers -
But remember folks if you are playing a match, please take out your accessories on the wrist. You don't want to be smashing someone's face with it. Other than that, pick whichever gripping style you prefer. 

Step 2 : Footwork

Just like any sport, footwork is key. Your body needs to be in an optimal position to allow the disc to fly. Do I sound like a yoga instructor yet?
Take a look at Syafiq's feet - one is pointing to the side while the other is pointing straight ahead. Some may call it pivot and planting foot but since this is a basic crash course, that is not important. We'll cross that bridge when we reach it.

Step 3: The disc position - start and end

To keep it simple, we are going to show you how the disc is position at the start and how it ends right before the disc is released. Then, you can figure the motion from the start to ending position - 
Starting and ending position. Ideally, we want to keep the disc flat before it flies. If its slanted (or senget), then the disc wouldn't fly as straight as you like it to be. 

Step 4: The throwing motion

If you don't know the throwing motion, how else is the disc going to get the power to fly fast and far? Here's a video of Syafiq practising the throwing motion -

Step 5 : Let it fly baby~

The most important thing in throwing the disc is getting the disc flying off the hands. You just need to make sure that the disc is released towards the target. ie,  the hands should be pointing towards the target upon release.
Seems pretty simple right? Give it a go and let us know how simple it is. 

Step 6 : Just keep practicing

Just keep practising, you'll get there but don't forget that you still have to learn the forehand throw. So here's a clip of Syafiq's full backhand throw. Practice makes perfect they say.
Pros would say that was very soft throw. Calm down guys, it's a an enclosed space and Syafiq was throwing at a sofa that was 2 metres away. 

Step 7 : Have fun!

Ultimate frisbee is a sport that is easy to pick up. Enjoy the process and don't be like Syafiq, putting on his serious face. Apologies on his behalf, he's a golfer he takes things seriously. You have not seen what he is capable of destroying on the golf course. 
That is all folks - 7 steps to throwing backhand! Too Simple. We hope this helps our new kakis picking up the sport.

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